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Kevin & Mary

Kevin & Mary

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Pics from the Zoo

Good Times at the OKC Zoo

We went to the zoo in OKC last week. I love the zoo. I think I might love it more than the kids. Maybe my attention span is just a little longer. To their credit, it was a little hot. It was one of those mornings with a 40% chance of rain in the afternoon, high in the upper 80s. I was hoping for a cooler, cloudy morning. It turned out a little hot and muggy. We did have a good time though. Our friend, Diane and Sophie Fosmire joined us. They were in town to drop off Libby for her big trip to Trinidad. Lizzie met us with Mallary and Jayce and they joined our "zoo group". We ended the day with ice cream and other various treats at McDonalds. I thought I was going to "run" by the mall and pick up something, but when I realized I was outnumbered 5:1 I thought better of it and just headed home!

More Pics of Leonardo's Fun

Fun at Leonardo's

Piper enjoyed a play date with Amy at Leonardo's. Sunny and I had a good time too! The girls loved playing in the sand at Adventure Quest and the dress up costumes indoors. Sunny moved to Enid a couple of years ago from Nanjing, which is the capital city of Jiangsu Province (the province Piper is from). She has a daughter just a year older than Piper and they play pretty well when it's just the two of them. Piper is still very clingy and when Sydney's around, so we scheduled this get together while Sydney was at church camp. It worked out pretty well. Sunny has agreed to tutor Piper in Mandarin. Now we just have to get Piper to warm up to that idea. She's a little slow in making new friends, but she's making progress.

High School Graduations

We had lot's of places to go and people to see this year. OBA and Pond Creek had their graduations the same night. We went to OBA's graduation ceremony and dropped by to see Preston and Jamie at their receptions. On the way home, we stopped in at the Steffens to congratulate Kara. Sydney and Piper crashed and burned. It was a very late evening and this picture pretty much describes how we were all feeling! Whew!

Go Carts after Promotion

Sydney's class celebrated their promotion with lunch at Pastimes and some good old fashioned racing at Comet Go Carts. Piper even got in on the fun. Check out Harley showing the kids his moves with the skip bop thingy majigger (sp?).

Catching Up

I'll try to do a little catching up. Life got very hectic as school was ending and I didn't do a great job of keeping the blog updated. Soon after school was out, our computer had some serious problems that took a couple of weeks to get straightened out. So anyway, I'll give some brief descriptions with lots of pictures to get you caught back up! Hope you're having a great summer! We sure are.

This first set of pictures is from the 6th grade promotion at Emmanuel. There are group pictures of the entire 6th grade class as well as Sydney's class (Mrs. Brakhage's class). A group of girls sang Circle of Friends by Point of Grace. By the way, Piper knows EVERY word to this song now after practicing many times with Sydney. Too cute! The last photo is of Sydney with her good friend Hyunji. It's off to junior high for you girls! Hard to believe.